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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#TeaserTuesday with American Hellhound

Since the cat's out of the bag (or dog, rather), I thought I'd tease a little bit more about American Hellhound.

First off, you guys being excited helps make me excited, so thanks for that!

Second off, that prologue very much sets the tone for the book as a whole.

Remember that scene at the beginning of Sleeping Beauty? When everyone comes to see the baby. And they tell the prince, who's, like, twelve-years-old, that this is his future wife? And he's all "eww." As was pointed out in the comments (Suz!), the prologue really highlights Ghost and Maggie's age difference, and that's definitely intentional. I've really enjoyed playing up the "royalty" aspect of the club in this series, and large age gaps were always common amongst the aristocracy. It's another way to uphold the old English tradition of Dartmoor, and it's also something you see a lot of in the outlaw biker world. So, yes, I wanted to put that front and center. This book WILL contain a present day look at their relationship, but readers should be aware that glimpses of young Mags and Ghost are going to be the history that Mercy and Ava were repeating.

Because Ghost is the president, we get a chance to look deeper at the mythology of the club, its origins, and the process that led to his presidency. It's a more subtle, political side of the MC, a little more treacherous and slippery.

And of course, despite her mother thinking of her as a "princess," we get to see Maggie come into her own as Queen from the first...and see her continue to own that title.

The book will run two storylines, past and present, and for the first time we'll get to "see" the club of Ghost's youth, meet Uncle Duane, and realize just how far the club has come since then. It was a lot less legit, and a lot more Mad Max back then. After the quiet horror of Kev's book, it will be a chance to return to the action/adventure, hardcore MC side of things. What I want is to do it up big and epic Fearless-style. But we'll just have to see how it all pans out.

I'll tease what I can, when I can, and be working on it all this winter so it can release early next year some time.

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And here! Happy Tuesday.


  1. I cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a book! Can't wait to see younger Ghost and Mags and little Aiden! (I love Maggie and Aidan's relationship so much)

  2. No doubt you'll do it up big and epic Fearless style. I've always liked reading stories where the man is older than the woman and you write about is so well. I can't wait to see how Maggie tames Ghost.