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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Progress Report

Walking Wounded
  • 47,571 words
  • Estimated finish date: Dec. 1
  • Favorite line of the day:
    “Oh God,” Sandy says in a low, strong voice. Not shock, only maternal love. “Oh God, baby, I’m so sorry.” Her hand leaves his arm and cards back through his hair.
                The ticking clock on the wall counts out thirty seconds. The fridge hums quietly to itself.
                “Would you like a really big shot of something out of the adult cabinet?” she asks.
                Luke manages to nod.

American Hellhound
  • 2,511 words
  • Estimated finish date: Jan. 2017
  • Favorite line of the day:
    • It struck Maggie, suddenly, like a physical blow, that Ava was a long, long way past the girl who’d come home from college a few years ago. She was still slender and beautiful. But there was a new sharpness to her eyes…and a new understanding. Motherhood had both honed and softened her, that powerful contradiction of fierce and gentle that a woman found when she realized she loved something so much she’d kill to protect it. She’d always felt that way about Mercy, though – and she had killed for him.

Dear Heart
  • 43,046 words
  • Estimated finish date: Jan. 2017
  • Favorite line of the day: So much time wasted now, as they danced around one another, trying to relearn old rhythms irreparably damaged by the traumas they’d survived since they knew each other last.