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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Extended Edition, Basically

Hi, happy Sunday! I would love to say that most of my weekend was spent consuming milkshakes (seriously, put chocolate chips in coffee ice cream and Oh My God), but I've been elbow-deep in TLC edits, with only the one milkshake.

Right now, I'm typing up one of several scenes that I'm going to be adding to the final, published edition of the book. Some that I've shared via #FicPromptFriday, and some that I have not.

There are two sides to Wattpad, the good and the bad. On the good front, I can get content to you guys regularly, and quickly. On the bad, I'm not posting chapters from a fully edited and revised manuscript; what you all read on Wattpad is more or less a rough draft. I figured the readers who were dying to know wouldn't mind a typo or two. Or three. Or four. The disadvantage, then, is that you haven't read the final, polished product.

When it comes to editing, I never quite know what I'm getting into. Sometimes I'm tickled pink. Sometimes...not so much. As has been the case with TLC. Despite the fact that this is a 116k word, 424 page book, there are some scenes I feel could benefit from expansion. And there's new content I'd like to add. I've debated with myself as I've edited this weekend, asking if I want to go through with it, and I've come to this decision:

I've always been wildly fanatical in my love for Lord of the Rings. The books. The movies. Anything affiliated. So when the Extended Edition DVDs came out? Oh boy. How wonderful. The EEs provided a more complete film experience. Nothing left on the cutting room floor. Theater-going critics might not have appreciated it, but the fans did.

So I've been thinking all weekend, and since I don't write for the critics (hello! I see you lurking) but for the fans, I decided to go ahead and bulk up the book with the extended material that's been kicking around in my head. When TLC releases, expect a fuller, more complete vision than what's represented on Wattpad. I'm dedicating all of this week to getting the book up to par with the rest of the series, and I hope you'll all enjoy the results when the final book premieres  on sales channels on the 30th.


  1. So awesome Lauren!! More is always better when it comes to your work! Can't wait for the 30th!

  2. I'm glad your going with the extended version :-)