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Saturday, October 3, 2015

JLCM Fall Sustainer Event

Buffet setup
 For a geeky introverted writer, the prospect of public speaking is always at least marginally terrifying. But I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful event than Thursday's dinner with the Junior League.
...and more tables!
We had a FULL HOUSE, literally! And everyone was so warm and welcoming.

Sandy and Hugh
My great-aunt and uncle were kind enough to host, and their home was beautiful, as always.

Lots of Vols fans in my family.
Patty and Bryan from Hiram Bookstore

Bryan and Patty from Hiram Bookstore were the official booksellers for the evening. I've so enjoyed working with them, from my launch party to this event.
I had a fantastic time, and I'm so grateful for those who were involved. My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Hugh, my mom, the Junior League, and Sustainer Director Beth Ann Riechman who I've been working with for a couple months now and who gave me this fabulous opportunity to share my books and my personal story.
Me with Deanna
Looking forward to more signings in the future, so stay tuned!

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