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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A New Season

In all the hubbub of the launch party and then the JLCM event, I completely missed the chance to celebrate the arrival of fall.

I love October for several reasons. I love Halloween - I love rereading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and cracking my massive volume of Poe stories. I love the old black and white horror movies. I love cappuccinos, and the smell of rotting leaves, and the way the horses are all frisky and tossing their manes in the morning. October is a month for heading indoors a little early each night. A month for first frosts, first fires, and the first whiff of snow on the air.
Normally, it's a time for reading, and I'm sure my chiropractor wishes I'd do just that, since he says I need "rest." But my own books are keeping me a little busy at the moment.
A couple of quick things on the "what's happening" front:
- An entire signed set of the Dartmoor books are up for bidding at a wonderful charity auction benefitting one of my very kind and supportive readers. Bidding is open a few more days, so there's still time to make a play for the books available. And all proceeds go to benefit the family, so it's a fantastic cause.
- I'm working on Dartmoor Book IV, Secondhand Smoke, which is Aidan's story. I felt the pressure during The Skeleton King, because I'd committed to a release date and then got sick. So with this book, I'm going to work merrily along with no release date announcement - for now, anyway. A LOT happens in this book, and it's going to be big, and any chance there is to really flesh out the world and bring the whole club into play, I'm going to take. It'll be fun. Fans will really enjoy it, I think, and that's who this book is for - not the on-the-fence-readers, but the long-haul ones. I'll try to share as much as I can as we go.

So my October looks like work, ponies, reveling in my horror roots, and hopefully getting some of that much-needed rest. I'm hoping for some fun blog posts to celebrate my favorite month.
Happy October, and happy reading, as always.

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