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Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School

It's back to school time for the kiddos here in the ATL today. I may not have children, and I may not have been keeping close track, but it seems like they had the shortest summer break on record. I feel their pain. I always loved learning, loved individual classes and teachers, but that school grind? Nuh-uh. I worked all summer, teaching, riding, mucking, spending almost every waking second at the barn. That was my scene, those were my people, and the job never slacked off when school started back up; it just became trickier to fit it all into the schedule. Homework was conducted half-asleep at nine p.m. while I watched whatever vampire/cop/legal drama I was addicted to at the moment.

So I always say a quiet, "oh, bummer" for the kids this time of year.

Meanwhile, some kids don't go to school.

I will say this for August - it begins a season of low-level excitement. Something about school starting, and those first cool, dry nights when the humidity begins to fade...autumn is coming. And every year I fall in love all over again with that season. Even though I'm done with my school days, the start of the new academic year inspires me to set new personal goals.

- I'm exercising again. Slowly but surely, I'm building back to a workout routine that I lost during last winter's awful neck pain. For months, any sort of exercise inspired shooting pain down my neck and shoulders, but I've reached a point in my therapy that getting fit is really helping! So I'm excited about that. And brisk evening walks help get the creative thoughts flowing, so that's an added bonus.

- I have so many books to read! New books by favorite authors and books by new-to-me authors I can't wait to dive into. When I get done prepping TSK, I'm tackling the TBR pile and getting re-energized to work on my next project (Aidan's book, BTW)

- I'm striving to be more organized every day. Between a day planner, a lot of lists, and daily agenda, I feel like I'm back in school, and it feels great to be so professionally busy.

Cheers to a productive fall season.

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