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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Worlds

Reason #217 why I can't stop writing: Hopping between worlds. Literal worlds, sometimes, if we're talking fantasy. But subtle, figurative worlds. I love the Walkers; they were my first fictional family, my babies. And they were 100% metro Atlanta suburban, small yards, crowded drives, carpool, chain grocery stores and all. I like the universal aspect of the setting: a common place, with characters who were relatable in a lot of ways, but uncommon in spirit and connection. It was fun: my experiment in making ordinary extraordinary.

The Russells, though, are part of a whole other Southern world. They're country, and rural, street savvy, and counter culture around the edges. They're more honkey-tonk than soccer mom. Boots and muscle cars and dirt under their nails. Theirs is a world shunned by townies, but it's a real world, and it has its own kind of art. That's my challenge with this series: Bring this world to life, show its real shadows, and not just jumble a bunch of clich├ęs around. It's Old South meets Cali cool meets casual. It's standing up to a challenge, and taking care of yourself. And it is so much fun to write about.

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  1. The Russells have that cool style that so many would like to have. Love the house!