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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I do not have a future career as a model

For the record, nothing of this nature is ever really my idea. I hate pictures of myself. I'm picture-phobic.

But friends with a new photography business asked if I would "model" - and I use that word loosely because a cardboard cutout would be more photogenic - and they came out to the farm two weeks ago to take pictures. If you're going to be photographed, this is the way to do it. Gary and Elaine made it pretty painless.

Mom took behind-the-scenes shots with my camera.

The horses were afraid of the lighting equipment.

Riddick continued to get in the way.

Gary got the shots he wanted.

And he was gracious enough to do me a big favor. He took this cover shot that I am thrilled to death about!

Getting in on the testing phase of a new photography business is a great way to get affordable, high quality family pictures. Despite all my self-conscious fretting, it was definitely a good afternoon.  Thanks, Gary and Elaine!!/GaryAndElainesPhotography

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  1. Your animals look like they were posing too! LOL!