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Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello, April

Xeno the barn kitty.

Is March gone already? Is it really? Ugh. That was a fast month! And a 31-dayer too! I repeat: Ugh.

March felt both busy and unproductive somehow, but it was good, all in all, despite the disastrous headaches and assorted other ailments.

If you follow along on Facebook, you know we're up to Chapter 26 of Tastes Like Candy (yay!) and that I'm slowly plugging away at Loverboy. It's a slow-going book. Like I've said before, I'm happy with the progress, but it's heavy, and it's definitely not the book anyone's expecting, so I'm glad to take my time with it. I'm also working on some unrelated side projects. I get restless when I feel hemmed in, so I've decided to work on my more literary projects when the mood strikes. It's been a great mood-booster, not ironically.

This month I attended the Authors In The City book signing in Florida.

I read fewer books that intended:
Breathing Lessons (for book club)

My favorite read of the bunch was The Martian. It makes me want to dive back into my scifi roots with a vengeance! Some days I really wonder how in the hell I wound up writing love stories about bikers when I'm this big of a nerd. Life makes no sense, honestly.

I'm currently reading Slaughterhouse-Five (I know, I'm just now reading it, for shame).

No release dates yet. You can find TLC on Wattpad, and Loverboy is taking its sweet time unfolding, because Kev is damaged, and he needs me to be patient, sweet boy.

Happy April.

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