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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Whatever Remains" Playlist

My writing playlist for Whatever Remains.
"Hard to Love" - Lee Brice
I am a short fuse, I am a wrecking ball
Crashing into your heart like I do
You're like a Sunday morning, full of grace and full of Jesus
I wish that I could be more like you.
"Sympathy for the Devil" - The Rolling Stones
"Lover Dearest" - Marianas Trench
Sometimes I think
That the bitter in you and the quitter in me
Is the bitter in you and the quitter in me

"Monster" - Paramore
But I let my heart go
It's somewhere down at the bottom
But I'll get a new one
And come back for the hope that you've stolen

"Alright Now" - Free
"In For the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)" - La Roux
They say we can love who we trust
But what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions
And what are feelings without emotions?
"Leave My Body" - Florence + The Machine
"My Blood" - Ellie Goulding
"Whispering" - Alex Clare
Autumn shades, calm my shaking hands,
Tender, cool breeze, keeps me where I am.
Suddenly hearing, when I want to scream,
Oh, please just cut me down, leave me in my dreams.

"Come Round Soon" - Sara Bareilles
"Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent
"Just Got to Be" - The Black Keys
"September" - Earth, Wind & Fire
"The Flame" - The Black Keys
Greater men made it here,
Only to turn back,
So cut me loose, if you want,
Or tighten up the slack

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  1. Love "Hard to Love" and "September". Great List!