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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Housekeeping Items

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's rainy here so I'll be locked into a writing marathon most of the day, but wanted to point out some new features on the blog.

Over on the sidebar, I now have links to my Twitter account, my new Facebook fanpage, and my author page on Goodreads. Social media is a necessary evil of an author's life these days, so I encourage everyone to visit, follow, like, review, drop me a line...any love would be much appreciated and I don't bite! :) I love hearing from readers.

I hope everybody's enjoying Better Than You. Like I mentioned before, the more "adult" content has been cut because this is an open blog and that would make me feel weird. So the ebook and paperback versions will have some bonus material of the dirty variety.

Lastly, my heart goes out to the people of Newtown, Connecticut in the wake of Friday's tragic shooting.

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