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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In the Aftermath

As a little girl, I never wanted Christmas to end. It was pure magic, nothing but candy and family and wrapping paper and sheer delight. But then I got older, and then I began to understand why my mom loved the oppressive quiet that was the aftermath of the holiday. Once the last function has been attended and the last of the dishes cleared away, you can take a deep breath. And that might just be the best part of Christmas.

I had such good intentions of taking pictures during dinner Monday night, but ended up washing dishes instead. But I got some shots of pre-party setup.

Table One.
Table Two (there's a bunch of us)
Table Three was done up with the Dickens' Christmas village. I'm sure Martha Stewart wouldn't have approved, but it was fun to find something new to do with the Village.
Then there's the all important booze table...
I had a lovely holiday and I hope everyone else did too. Now it's back to work. I've got two books to finish. Yikes! I'm hoping for a February release of Fix You, but don't quote me on that. Better Than You is rolling right along, though, and I should have it completed soon. 

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