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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Been spending the day at the office:

Or, what an out of work, broke, wannabe novelist college grad can consider an office, trying to sweet talk Jordie into submission and admiring the butter yellow light of fall and the way Markus's coat is coming in black again, when I decide, just for kicks, to go over to Barnes & Noble's website and type my own name in.


There it is. You can imagine the dazzling effect that would have on a lifelong wallflower and generally unnoticed person. I'm thinking: This must be a mistake. No way. No freaking way! It's humbling and terrifying and unreal. It doesn't mean much, true - I'm not a success or any less of an unnoticed wallflower - but it does my little heart good.

The link - just for proof and kicks: Keep You at Barnes & Noble


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations are definitely in order!!!!!

  3. Well, that's pretty daggum amazing!! I know someone that has a book at Barnes & Noble:) You should also know that as soon as I finish mine (I'm almost done), it will be placed on a shelf in the LaGrange High School Media Center. I have already talked to the specialist and she is excited to have a new author to highlight. Yay you!!!!!

    1. Oh, wow!! That's really exciting! Thank you :)