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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sons of Rome

*rubs hands together gleefully*

So NOW that "The Stalker" is out in the world, we can talk a little bit more about Sons of Rome as a whole. (If you haven't seen it yet, you can grab the prelude short story, "The Stalker," at Amazon for 99c.) 

The characters introduced in the short - Fulk, Anna, Dr. Talbot, and Vlad - are all major players in the series. Fulk and Anna are my favorites, and we'll get to see how and when they met in a later book that's all about them. I mentioned in the author note at the end of the story that Fulk le Strange is my fictionalized version of a real baron born in 1267 - and the same is true of Vlad. A historical figure, now more myth than man at this point, who I'm molding into shape for my own storytelling purposes. 

Because it's a character-driven saga, the emphasis will always be on telling the various individuals' stories. There is an ongoing plot that is further developed with each separate adventure, but for anyone who isn't familiar with, or who doesn't care for paranormal stories all that much, I think you'll be happy to hear that this series is very much a human story, at its heart. The paranormal aspects are very much present - immortal characters with powers, etc. - but the stories are about families: about lovers, spouses, siblings, friends. About moral dilemmas, and nature vs. nurture, about sacrifice and loss. 

While this series is very different from the Dartmoor books readers have come to expect from me, it's similar in that it's a series written for readers like me, who want to get good and invested in a story. This is a rainy day, cup of coffee, blanket on your lap kind of series. It is not designed for the reader looking for instant gratification. It's my great hope that it will be an immersive reading experience. That it will be at times scary, at times funny, and that at the end of all its adventures, true love will indeed save the day. 

If you enjoyed "The Stalker," get ready, because there is so much more of that on the way. This is my favorite genre, and I can't wait to contribute to it, and share it with you all. 

The year is 1942, and a boy from Siberia is caught up in the Great Patriotic War. 

The year is 2017, and a NY homicide detective dreams every night about blood, and snow, and dead wolves...and a man with blues eyes who claims to know her family.

A baron returns to his manor. A legend wakes. A brother-killer walks the earth again. The Sons of Rome have stepped from the world of fable into the world of the living, and everything is about to change.

White Wolf, coming Fall 2017


  1. Thank you so much for The Stalker! Cannot wait for Sons of Rome release.

    You rock!

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  3. Loved The Stalker and am so pumped for this series!