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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Extended #WhiteWolf Teaser

"Whoever killed him did it in that alley.”

“Then where’s the blood?”

“I think you had better show her, Nik. If you can.”


And then she fell through time.


  1. The images have already sucked me into the world of White Wolf! Can't wait for its release.

  2. Ummm - werewolves that originated in Russia, powerful businessman now in the U.S.??? Hot, hopefully very sexy with superpowers like mind reading or mind control (lol)?? Can't wait to read!!

  3. Nope. Lol. None of those things. While there are romantic storylines in this series - and some of them are very touching and romantic - it definitely doesn't read like a paranormal romance series. The scope is much bigger. Lots of magic, darkness, violence, and really interesting characters - but think bigger than your standard one-couple-per-book setup.