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Thursday, April 6, 2017

#TBT DVD Extras - 4/6/17

Since last week I talked about my favorite project ever, I thought it only fair to talk about my not-so-favorite this week. I shouldn't admit to having a least favorite - that's probably some bad writer etiquette. But it isn't that I mean to say anything bad about the book - it just is what it is, a least favorite of the bunch. It's Tastes Like Candy.

The book does, however, explore Walsh's half-siblings in more detail than in any other book, and that was my favorite part of writing TLC. The Brood is a personal favorite, almost a guilty pleasure. Everybody likes Candy because he's big and bold, but I have a soft spot for Walsh's kin because they're interesting.

I especially love Albie and Fox, who had some fun scenes in this one:

Paul took a breath, hesitated.
            Albie pressed until the first pearls of blood welled up against the knife’s edge.
            “Sixteen,” Paul said on a deep exhale. “But you know she was never mentally sixteen–”
            “Next question: Did you break her heart?”
            “I broke things off with her.”
            “That’s not what I asked.”
            “I don’t think so, no. She never loved me.”
            “What did you think would happen if I ever found out?”
            Paul’s eyes closed, and when he swallowed, the knife jumped in Albie’s hand. “This. I knew this would happen.” Tears beaded beneath his lashes, shiny in the glare of the overhead light.
            Albie pulled the knife away and gave a hard yank on Paul’s hair, throwing him down flat on his back on the concrete floor. He was shaking, he realized, as he reached for a cloth to wipe the knife. “Fuck you,” he whispered. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.”

For me, these guys are the dark horses, the threats no one ever sees coming. One of these days, probably later this year, I'll actually start writing their books.


  1. I have to say that Taste Like Candy was one of my favorites of the Lean Dogs Legacy not because of Candy (although I like the fact that his character was pretty evolved for a MC president) but for Michelle and the complexity of her family. In spite of Michelle's young age, she was mature beyond her years (no doubt because of her upbringing), tough and a smart badass girl. I think Walsh's brood of half siblings are worthy of their own book - just saying....

  2. To be honest, I my least favorite book in the series, if I had to make a choice, was Aiden's Second Hand Smoke. I loved Tastes like Candy, primarily because of the English brood. Chelle was amazing and the way you wrote the family unity was amazing. Although they were all half siblings, they were supper loyal to each other even though Walsh and Fox were mostly at odds with each other, they were ultimately brothers figuratively and physically. I freaking love Albie.
    Thank you for writing their stories. I was so hoping that you would.

  3. Loved Tastes like Candy one of my favourites. I agree with Lety that my least favourite were Second Hand Smoke and Loverboy. Would love to read more about the English side. Loved Walsh in the Skeleton King and Michelle in Tastes like Candy. Fox next?

  4. I'm surprised Tastes Like Candy was your least favorite book. It's one of my favorites. I hope a new book will be out soon.

  5. The truth is that I'm surprised about this. In my opinion, this is your best book. It has the best female character of all your books. You have a balanced and mature couple with a relationship that many readers can identify with. For me, Candy and Michael, along with Holly and Michelle, are the best couples of all the books you've written. But that's my personal opinion. I do not read much about MC and to be honest, it's not one of my favorite genres, but thanks to a reader who recommended me Wathever Remains (which I really enjoyed, by the way), I decided to read the Dartmoor series and the truth is I didn't fell in love with Fearless like everyone else; it's together with Seconhand Smoke the ones that I liked the least.
    Michael intrigued me and I decided to read the second book in the series and fell in love with his personality and the barriers that he and Holly had to throw down to achieve their happy ending. I think the characters in The Lean Dog Legacy series, can offer a lot, especially Jinx, Gringo, Pup, Fox and Cowboy. I was somewhat disappointed when I saw that you had started other projects and the series was paused. I think many would agree with me that although this is your least favorite book, there are many readers who have re-read it even three times (me included), and that is because this book offers maturity, balance, complexity, a fair dose of violence without reaching the unpleasant, and an adorable couple. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. Greetings from Spain.