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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Ian Aesthetic

Any time I get to write a character who is completely problematic, but loveable, I'm a happy author. The ones who walk the line between wicked and heartbreaking. The ones who hide their need for a hug beneath a dark exterior. What can I say, I like the complicated ones.

I put Ian in that category, and the last few chapters have been, let's say, difficult for the poor guy. Loverboy is Tango's story, but it's Ian's, too, and I look forward to my favorite anti-villain finding something to be happy about.

Ian's aesthetic is all grays, blacks, chromes, and high-end touches. I love the expensive, fashionable, androgynous edge he brings to the Dartmoor world. For sure a guilty pleasure character who wormed his way into the spotlight.

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