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Friday, February 22, 2013

More Fix You

So this was what it was like – waking up to a family. Waking up with responsibilities. Jess looked troubled, even in sleep, and she and Tyler seemed about as breakable as little birds cuddled together. They had belonged to someone – been some other man’s family – and they’d been given up. Turned loose. Rejected.

            In the army, he’d defended himself – his country and his fellow soldiers – but he’d never been afraid for himself. He’d never been riled and furious about his own safety. This was new and shocking and twisted: his personal need for violence.

            After he caught whoever was playing peeping tom outside their windows, he thought he might just have to pay Dylan Beaumont a visit. He’d never wanted to hit someone so badly in his life.

©2013 Lauren Gilley, Fix You

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